Lets Review some Facts with Karatbars

I have decided to share this well-written article that Neels Crypto has written for our members to appreciate how far we have come since day one. He also explains many of the concerns most of us had and shares videos to back his statements of what was said and accomplished.

I feel This might not sit well with everybody but hopefully bring some clarity. It is one thing to raise your legitimate concerns about Karatbars on social media, but it is a totally different situation if it becomes derogatory in doing so. The negativity in the chats is becoming overwhelming and highly demotivating. Most of the remarks are unsubstantiated and cause us all to be severely affected by it.
Karatbars cannot be defended for their lack of communication. Management needs to step up and set proper communication channels in place. However, let us play fair.

The mobile phones can only become fully useable once the new blockchain becomes 100% operational with all its various legs making up the ecosystem, working in unison. Yes, it will be nice to have the phone in your hands, but right now, that’s about all you can do other than using it like a regular cell phone. Phones started being dispatched from January 3rd on a first ordered first delivered basis. The first courier delivered phones began arriving in South Africa.

The company has accumulated 6255 Kg of gold in the last 22 months. Whether this is used to make CashGold or to link value to the KBC coin is not that important. What is important is that it is within the Karatbars ecosystem. We are all part of and to our benefit.

Some people are disputing the actual existence of the gold. Here is the video proof. If this is not factual, can you imagine the problems Management would have if an investor challenged it as enticement and being falsely representing securities? Just common sense. Here are the videos of the 6255 Kg of vaulted gold announcements.

135 Kg gold vaulted. September, 8th 2018 watch the full video

March 27, 2019 1.12-ton gold moved to vault. watch the full video

April 18, 2019 5 tons of gold purchase watch the full video

The value of KBC on the exchanges is determined by demand and supply principals and not Karatbars. The amount of KBC within the Karatbars ecosystem is where the controlled value lies. Karatbars placed a value of 100 KBC to 1gram gold until 15 December and was subject to owning a Gold or VIP package and receiving only one QR code per person per day. If they were to pay every KBC owner out at that ratio, there would be no ecosystem or business plan in place, and the company would be bankrupt. I feel this is a business and not a get rich quick scheme. Just be patient and let’s wait for the next announcement after the start-up of the new blockchain.

Every affiliate is entitled to have one personal and one business account. Some people apparently opened many more accounts using friends and relatives information to get past the KYC process to benefit from the 100 KBC to 1gram gold exchange. We know this was not legal. They were caught out, and their coins and QR codes confiscated — no point in being upset with Karatbars if you acted illegally.

It appears that Karatbars cancelled some legal business accounts but has apparently acknowledged the mistake and reinstated. Chastising Karatbars for reacting to irregularities is not fair. Karatbars is a business, and any other company will have its problems and obstacles. We are not Management and, therefore, don’t always understand why certain decisions are being made, and goal posts changed.

We are not privy to what cause those actions to be taken. That is a Management matter, and as long as our best interest is in their hands, let’s leave them to get on with it. Fighting and airing unhappiness on social media only shoots ourselves in the foot. How do we expect the public to want to come on board? If all they see is all this negativity being spread due to lack of foresight or training?

We don’t live in a perfect world, and things will continually change. That is, unfortunately, what business is all about. If you came into this space with false hope, it does not help to vent it on social media. Take your up line on for selling you promises made from their delusions of grandeur. People have taken information given in good faith and started fantasizing about making it look and sound even more attractive. Nothing wrong with that, except don’t sell it as fact but possibilities. Due diligence is always required when you enter into something, primarily where the money is concerned.

Up lines are not employees of Karatbars; they are affiliates no different from you. That is why you are not allowed to say that you work for Karatbars or give investment advice. Someone designed a lovely graphic of the future growth plans of Karatbars, showing an arrow with the exchange of KBC to gold with quantities and dates. As is this was not an official Karatbars graphic, but was, however, based on a goal that was mentioned by Management. I need to emphasize the word GOAL. That’s all it was.

Now people are trying to say that it was a promise made by Management. You can’t guarantee goals or timelines in anything in business; it is merely what you plan and strives for. Anything can go wrong or change how you can, therefore, promise it as a definite. Setting goals is the standard concept of running any business.

Mr. Seiz announced in the run-up to the 4th of July that we will be able to exchange 100 KBC to 1gram gold in LasVegas. That happened. The CEM’s had to become delivered and operational for them to continue. The following is an excerpt circulated by the leaders. NOTE that the market/exchange price does NOT affect the guarantee or how much gold you get. Irrespective of the exchange price, the company’s guarantee is firm – 100KBC = 1gram of 24kt gold.

Watch the video of the announcement. Announcement of 100 KBC to 1 gram gold

In September last year, the QR codes were introduced. The CEM’s delivery was delayed, and the accumulating of QR codes started making it impossible due to capacity and technical problems to ever catch up once the CEM’s become fully operational. The exchange was suspended on 15 December, while the new blockchain and ecosystem are being implemented and merged.

We have to wait for this to complete before we can expect a new announcement regarding the latest exchange rate to gold. 75 to 1 is the anticipated rate. However, with the merge of KBC and KCB, there will be a new circulation figure that will impact coin value and adjustments could be made accordingly to stay on track.

My appeal to everyone is to please educate themselves before going off on social media, talking about something they actually form an opinion about without knowing or considering the facts. There are two very appropriate quotes. “Don’t put your mouth in motion before your brain is engaged,” or “it’s better to be thought of a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

If you not happy in Karatbars and the way it’s managed, use your democratic right and go elsewhere. Accept that this is a business and can’t be run by 900000 affiliates.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. I, for one, am highly impressed with what Karatbars has achieved in the last 22 months. Albeit with a lack of communication. We can’t all be the CEO. Remember, for you to double your investment in cryptocurrency, it has to increase in value. To double from 1 cent to 2 is a lot easier achieved than $8000 to $16000, so start seeing the potential.

Written by Neels Crypto

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